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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kiefer Sutherland Needs a Vacation

Normally, I do not believe in interfering in the lives of celebrities but in light of this week’s events, I must do my civic duty.  Hell, maybe even my Hollywood duty! I have become very concerned for the well-being of one of Canada’s native sons, Mr. Kiefer Sutherland.  In my opinion, his services are being taxed and we are demanding too much of him.

Let us all bow our heads in a moment of silence to observe Jack Bauer. As you may remember, Mr. Sutherland played this character from 2001-2010.  Nine years!  That is longer than a Taylor Swift relationship. But getting back to the matter at hand, let’s discuss Jack Bauer. A retired serviceman and a former federal agent, Mr. Bauer was responsible for handling major threats to national safety on a continuous basis. Every time I turned around, something was happening to this guy or a member of his family or his dog.  Jack couldn’t catch a break.  I don’t even think he was allowed to sleep. He was so impressive that he came back from the dead!  I wonder if he complained about working too much overtime?

Just when he thought the coast was clear and his time as our last resort came to an end, Kiefer was pressed into service again. This time he was Martin Bohm in the show, Touch.  He was the father of a boy that could predict events before they happened.  Really? Crap!  This again? Isn’t someone else available? Was Matt Damon bored? Didn’t anyone from the West Wing need a job? (I’m looking at you, Jed Bartlett/Martin Sheen). Unfortunately, this series only lasted two seasons leaving Kiefer to begin making travel plans.

Except…. wait for it, wait for it……24 returns!  After public outcry and the whining of Fox execs plus a truckload of money, Jack was back for twelve episodes in 2014. This time he was living another day without a vacation or sleep. Hard to believe, right? Couldn’t his son from Touch predicted this for him? It is a hard business to be in when you are constantly expected to be the watchdog of America.  I mean, just ask Ben Affleck, or the cast of the Avengers, or that ridiculously good looking guy who plays Superman.  I am so mesmerized by his perfect hair and teeth; I can’t even remember his name.

Thank God, 24: Live Another Day was a limited effort so that Kiefer could finally get the peace he deserved. Alas, this wasn’t meant to be. ABC came knocking. Now, Mr. Sutherland is set to play yet another government official who must lead us through a crisis. The real irony of these situations is that Kiefer isn’t even a citizen of the US. 

In his new show, he is playing Tom Kirkman. Kirkman is a low-level cabinet member who does not attend a State of the Union address due to the designated survivor caveat.  Think of it as the designated driver position. One member of the cabinet gets a free pass in the event something occurs.

Of course, something tragic happens leaving casualties and now Kiefer is the commander in chief! A new series with a new set of dire predicaments is born!  Once again, he has been pressed into service. 

I can only imagine what decisions he will have to make. I am certain they will be more important than my current dilemma of whether Starbucks new Chile Mocha latte is better than their Pumpkin Spice latte.  Maybe I can ask Kiefer to help me out.  Oh yeah!  He’s busy….

Do you think Kiefer Sutherland deserves a break? Do you think it’s time another celebrity stepped up? I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.
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1 comment:

  1. So funny Susan! I actually wanted to try that new Chile Mocha latte at Starbucks. Since Kiefer is undeniably busy, maybe we could ask his son from Touch if we will like it?